1. The Executive Committee Members shall be composed of:
    a ) the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman;
    b ) thirteen ordinary members elected at an ordinary meeting of the General Assembly from among the Members for a period ending with the next ordinary meeting of the General Assembly.  Each member so elected shall nominate one person who shall function as the member of the Executive Committee Members, and such person shall function as the representative of the Member  who nominated him and not in his personal capacity; and
    c ) the Secretary General and a relevant official of  the FAO, as ex -officio members.
  2. a ) No Represented Country shall have more that one Member as a member of the Executive Committee Members among the members mentioned in paragraphs 1 (a) and 1(b) of this Article.
    b ) A Member who nominates a person in terms of paragraph 1 (b) of this Article may revoke such nomination and nominate another in his place.
    c ) Where a person nominated in terms of paragraph 1 (b) of this Article is temporarily unable to perform the functions of his office, the Member who nominated him may nominate another to act for him.
    d ) A nomination or revocation of a nomination in terms of this paragraph shall be made by a letter addressed to the Secretary General.
  3. The Executive Committee Members shall implement and execute any policies and decisions laid down or taken by the General Assembly, and shall exercise the powers, perform the functions and discharge the duties assigned to it by the Regulations or delegated to it by the General Assembly.
  4. The Executive Committee Members shall represent the Association, and shall enter into contracts and agreements on behalf of the Association in conformity with the powers conferred on it by the Regulations.  For this purpose, the following persons are authorized to sign the name of the Association:
    a ) the Chairman together with the Secretary General;
    b ) the Chairman together with any member of the Executive Committee Members; and
    c ) any person or persons authorized by the Executive Committee Members.
  5. The Executive Committee Members shall be responsible for directing the activities of the Association and exercising supervision over the General Secretariat and any other bodies set up by the General Assembly.  To this end, it shall:
    a ) submit to the General Assembly the necessary reports including:
    i )    reports of the Association’s activities;
    ii )   audited statements of accounts and financial reports; and
    iii )  proposals for annual work programmes and budgets.
    b ) review, direct and coordinate the activities of the Association during the period between the meetings of the General Assembly, to such extent as may be specified in the Regulations or determined by the General Assembly.
    c ) meet at least once during each calendar year.
    d ) adopt rules and procedures for the regulation of its business, the conduct of its affairs and the preservation of order at its meetings which shall not be inconsistent with the Regulations.
    e ) employ, discharge and terminate experts and members of the staff of the Association.
  6. In performing its functions, the Executive Committee Members may take decisions and adopt resolutions by a vote taken by correspondence among its members.