Membership Application/Admission Process

  1. Submission of the Membership Application: A potential member submits the membership application to APRACA Secretariat with transfers of Annual membership fee and admission fee
  2. Review of the Membership Application: APRACA Secretariat reviews the membership application
  3. Approval by the Executive Committee Members: APRACA Executive Committee Members reviews and approves the membership application at its regular meetings
  4. Notification of Membership Admission: APRACA Secretariat informs the applicant institution of the approval of membership application by the Executive Committee of APRACA

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Value proposition to the members of APRACA

  1. Your institution becomes a part of a diverse league of leading institutions – central banks, agricultural and development banks, finance-related government agencies, commercial banks with rural financing programme, microfinance institutions, apex cooperative federations, development foundations and research institutions.
  2. Your senior management avails of the avenues of interaction with other top-notch leaders through CEO forums, regional/global conferences on current and emerging thematic issues related to rural and agriculture finance (including MSMEs).
  3. Your institution is offered a unique opportunity to further enhance its human resource capacity from the sharing and learning platforms of members with considerable experience and unparalleled wealth of knowledge through cross learning, twinning arrangements and other sharing and learning modalities.
  4. Your institution draws deep knowledge from the rich repository of rural and agricultural financing studies and researches, training and technical guides and other materials at regional and national levels.
  5. Your institution likewise acquires knowledge from the expansive showcases of rural and agricultural finance innovations and best practices through centers of excellence, farmers’ field schools, and demonstration farms of members.
  6. Your institution counts on members’ in-house resource persons to provide expertise in replicating best practices in your country.
  7. Your institution receives unlimited access to user-friendly multimedia such as the regular APRACA newsletter, the quarterly Asia-Pacific Rural Finance Journal Series and the continuing publication of research results, best practices and rural finance strategies of various countries.
  8. Your institution aligns itself with like-minded financial institutions on various advocacies relating to pro-poor policies, environmental responsibility, women empowerment, value chain financing and others.