1. a ) The Association is named the “Asia-Pacific Rural and Agricultural Credit Association” and shall also be known by its acronym “APRACA”.b ) The emblem of the Association depicts two hands joined as a symbol of friendship and cooperation, encircling a rice stalk with the acronym “APRACA” written within the circle and above the rice stalk.  An illustration of the emblem is set out below.

    c ) The Association is a body corporate with a common seal and perpetual succession.
    d ) The Association shall have the legal capacity and power, within the limits set out by the Regulations, to do any acts necessary or conducive for the attainment of its objectives and the performance of its functions.  In particular, it shall have the capacity to hold movable and immovable property, to enter into contracts, to institute and defend suits and other legal proceedings, and to do all other things necessary for the purposes of the Association or incidental thereto.

  2. The principal office of the Association shall be situated at No. 39, Maliwan Mansion, Phra Atit Road, Chana Songkram Sub-district, Phra Nakhon District, Bangkok 10200, Thailand, or at any other location as may be determined by the General Assembly.  Where the General Assembly determines such other location, the address of such other location shall be substituted in this paragraph for the address set out herein.
  3. The organs of the Association are:
    a ) the General Assembly,
    b ) the Executive Committee Members and
    c ) the General Secretariat.
  4. The organs of the Association shall be governed by these Regulations.
  5. The General Assembly may establish in the Region other bodies, such as representations, branches or agencies, as it may deem necessary for the purpose of performing the functions of the Association.  The General Assembly shall adopt rules, regulations and procedures concerning the establishment, management, functions and the supervision of such bodies.