With a profound sense of gratitude, I would like to extend warm greetings to the esteemed member institutions of APRACA for their confidence bestowed on me to take up the responsibilities as Secretary General of APRACA. I am humbled and well aware of the task before us and the dedication with tireless efforts exerted by our predecessors to take APRACA to the height of the vibrant institution and regional leader in rural and agricultural finance in the Asia-Pacific. It will be a great pleasure of the Secretariat to support and contribute to the development agenda of the member institutions of APRACA to foster rural growth and development through promotion and advocacy in rural finance.

We are aware that the assignment of Secretary General calls for sincere approach, technical acquaintance and high level strategic leadership to work in tandem with all stakeholders in the ecosystem of rural and agricultural finance in which APRACA is a recognized member since last 40 years and continue to contribute to the broad objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. The APRACA Secretariat assure the esteemed member Institutions that they can count on us to continually be passionate in our commitment in upholding APRACA’s vision and mission and unceasingly be an encouragement to our member institutions to achieve new heights.

The current socio-economic scenario in the region demands more close and active cooperation among the APRACA member institutions. We do appreciate and mindful of the tasks and challenges being faced by its member institutions and their potential need to receive improved services from the Secretariat which is major source of strive to make ourselves more relevant to the present context. We hereby humbly submit that our key focus will be the continuous engagement with all the member institutions and partner agencies to make APRACA more pulsating and prosperous.

As leader of the APRACA Secretariat, I pledge to provide the best services to the member institutions as a team to develop APRACA, aiming at providing the esteemed members with more useful services, expanding collaborative activities with partner agencies and live up to the expectation of the member institutions. We have developed a long term planning to expand the membership of APRACA membership which eventually strengthens APRACA’s financial position and we firmly believe that, with strong financial foundation, APRACA will be in a position not only to provide its members with more services in meeting their needs but also to increase collaboration with diverse partners.

We at the APRACA Secretariat will remain faithful to its vision to promote the productivity, inclusive growth, self-reliance, and welfare of the rural poor in Asia-Pacific region and will leverage the strengths of the APRACA’s member institutions that have rich and diverse knowledge, expertise and best practices to showcase the development process to the global platforms. We are committed to revitalize cooperation and collaboration among member institutions and other relevant agencies and also to improve our management systems as well as products and services to fully benefit our members. We would like to extend our support so that all endevours of the member institutions are met with huge success and appreciation and wish that we will have more wonderful opportunities to work together.

Wish all of you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!


Prasun Kumar Das

Secretary General, APRACA
and IFAD Project Manager