The APRACA Strategic Plan for 2019-2024 is guided by the same Vision, Mission, and Objectives. It builds on the previous plan taking into consideration what have been accomplished and what have not been acted upon. As suggested by member institution, the Strategic Plan also has taken into account the major changes witnessed in the rural and agricultural financing environment during the last few years, which include: improved financial inclusion, proactive role of governments, increased mobile penetration, Fintech revolution (e-payment system, P2P, mobile banking, and Blockchain technology, etc.), and climate change.

The proposed activities and actions to be undertaken towards the achievement of these objectives are outlined below:

(i) Foster collaborative sharing of innovations, best practices, and knowledge solutions in agricultural financing and rural development

  • Update, on a regular (annual) basis, the assessment of APRACA member institutions’ knowledge requirements and preferred mode of exchange or knowledge sharing
  • Formulate a program of knowledge sharing on priority requirements of members based on results of the assessment
  • Implement the (APRACA-EXCOM/GA) approved programme of knowledge sharing

(ii) Promote better understanding of financial, monetary, banking, and economic development issues/challenges (including climate change) and innovations (such as the Fintech revolution), particularly as they relate to agriculture and rural sectors through training and research

  • Review of the status of and issues in rural and agricultural financing in the region towards the development of research and training agenda for the next 3-5 years
  • Mobilize funding and implement approved research agenda
  • Consolidated analysis of training evaluation results and input the results/ learnings in training courses/modules
  • Develop/update training courses / modules based on the results of: assessment of members’ knowledge needs, evaluation of training courses, and assessment of issues/status of agrifinancing in the region

(iii) Facilitate mobilization and deployment of experts from APRACA members and non-member institutions for the conduct of consultancy services in support of the APRACA’s objectives and programs

  • Update database of experts from among member institutions, with their relevant fields of expertise and capabilities
  • Tapping of experts from among member institutions as resource persons, trainors, speakers, consultant, and/or exchangee for the training, reseach, and consultancy services of APRACA

(iv) Encourage greater dissemination and use of high-quality knowledge on rural and agricultural finance through publications

  • Formulate/Update and implement a publications and dissemination program based on members’ requirements and the agri/rural finance sector in the region
  • Update/maintain the APRACA website

(v) Enhance partnerships, collaborations and networks for expanded sharing, learning, and dissemination of knowledge on agricultural finance and rural development

  • Strengthen collaborative engagement/activities with existing partners/ network on knowledge sharing / resources and experience on agricultural finance and rural development
  • Initiate meetings with priority potential partners and networks

(vi) Strengthen APRACA’s organizational and financial capacity for effective, efficient and sustainable operations

  • Enhance coordination activities between and among APRACA entities:
  • General Secretariat, CENTRAB, and ACS
  • Continue to increase membership
  • Undertake measures to increase income of the APRACA General Secretariat, CENTRAB,and ACS

To see the indicative timeline for the proposed activities please click here.