1. The objectives of the Association shall be:

    a ) to foster cooperation in improving and planning the financial arrangements for rural and agricultural development in the Region;
    b ) to establish, among the Members, a machinery for systematic interchange of information on rural and agricultural financial services in the Region, and to act as a clearing house for such information;
    c ) to encourage inter-country studies on matters of common interest in the field of rural finance and agricultural credit, and to publish such studies and distribute them among the Members;
    d ) to organize and coordinate training programmes on rural finance and agricultural credit, as well as to facilitate the exchange of personnel and experts among the Members;
    e ) to establish and maintain an appropriate relationship with the FAO and other international and regional organizations that pursue objectives similar to or related to those of the Association; and
    f ) to provide services related to consultancy, research and publications in the field of rural finance and agricultural credit.

  2. For the purpose of achieving its objectives, the Association shall perform the following functions:

    a ) organize periodic meetings of the Members;
    b ) promote the exchange of ideas and experiences through the interchange of personnel and experts, or by any other means;
    c ) facilitate the collection, collation, publication and dissemination of information relevant to the objectives and functions of the Association;
    d ) arrange and organize symposia, seminars, research projects, training courses and other training programmes for the benefit of the Members;
    e ) set up study groups, consultant teams and other subsidiary bodies as it deems appropriate for the attainment of its objectives; and
    f  ) enter into contracts and undertake such other activities which may be conducive to, or promote the attainment of its objectives.