1. An application to join the Association as a member shall be made in writing to the Secretary General, together with an undertaking that the applicant agrees to comply with the Regulations of the Association.  When such application is made, the Secretary General shall submit it for consideration at the Executive Committee Members meeting immediately following the receipt of the application.

  2. Subject to paragraph 3 of this Article, a Member shall pay to the Association the annual membership fee for each calendar year on or before the thirty first day of March of that year.

  3. For a new Member joining the Association after the beginning of a calendar year, the proportion of the annual membership fee, as well as the time of payment of such fee for that year and the time of payment of the admission fee by such Member, shall be determined by the General Assembly.

  4. Upon receipt of a notice of withdrawal from a Member pursuant to paragraph 5 of Article IV of the Regulations, the Secretary General shall immediately inform the members of the Executive Committee Members of the receipt of such notice.  A Member, which has ceased to be a Member, shall continue to be liable to discharge all obligations it had incurred prior to the date on which it ceased to be a member.