1. APRACA-IFAD RuFBeP Project (2014-2019): A project on “Documenting Global Best Practices on Sustainable Models of Pro-Poor  Rural  Financial Services in Developing Countries” implemented in . five targeted countries: China,  India,  Indonesia,  the Philippines and Thailand.

2. APRACA-UNCDF Project on Warehouse Receipt Finance  (2016-2017): This project was implemented in Nepal to develop a national level policy on investment in warehouses for agricultural commodities to support the farmers to access finance through this new instrument.

3. APRACA-IFAD FinServAccess Project (2013-2016): A project on “Enhancing the Access of   Poor Rural People to Sustainable Financial Services through Policy Dialogue, Capacity-Building and Knowledge-Sharing in Rural Finance implemented in 4 countries.

4. PRACA-IFAD  “FinPower” Programme (2007-2011) on  Accelerating  the  Financial Empowerment of Poor Rural Communities implemented in 6 countries ;

5. APRACA-IFAD “MICROSERV” (1996-2011) : A Programme for Strengthening Financial Services for Rural Poor implemented in 9 countries ;

6. APRACA-ILO-SDC  ‘Collateral Substitute’  Project (1998-2001): Regional Programme on implementation of Collateral Substitutes in select countries implemented in 8 countries

7. APRACA-GIZ ‘Linkage Banking’(1994-1998): Regional Programme on Linkage Banking and Grassroots Financial Systems Development was implemented in 6 countries;

8. APRACA-GIZ programme on promotion of networks (1987-1993): programme on Promotion of Supraregional Rural Credit Associations.