1. Each Member shall, in accordance with the Regulations, have the right:

    a ) to attend the ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly of the Association;
    b ) to request and obtain information available with, or that is within the control of, the Association on matters relevant to such Member, including guidelines for obtaining technical assistance and/or collaboration in the study of its problems; and
    c ) to avail itself of any services or other benefits provided by the Association to the Members.

  2. Each Member shall have the following obligations:

    a ) to discharge its financial obligations to the Association;
    b ) to collaborate in forming any technical committees of the Association;
    c ) to provide promptly any information as may reasonably be requested of it by the Association, to the extent that the provision of such information would not infringe any law or regulation to which the Member is subject;
    d ) in general, to collaborate with the Association in the fulfillment of its objectives and functions; and
    e ) to provide to the organs and bodies of the Association and to other Members, to the extent possible, such facilities determined by the Executive Committee Members to be essential for the successful functioning of the Association.