Ekphatthana Deposit - Taking Microfinance Institution (EMI)


Our Vision: Our vision is to be the leading provider of microfinance services in Lao PDR. EMI believes financial services can play a critical role in improving the economic well being of the people of Lao PDR. Permanent access to financial services can enable people to increase incomes, build assets, and reduce their vulnerability to external shocks.


• To provide the highest quality financial products as demanded by our clients. By listen to our clients and design innovative and appropriate financial products that meet their needs.
• To offer permanent access to financial services to those without access by remaining financially viable.
• To work closely with the government of Lao PDR and other microfinance stakeholders to build a strong microfinance sector in Lao PDR.
• To provide a good work environment for our employees.
• To emphasise the adoption of best practice principles for microfinance institutions.
• To make a substantial contribution to the economic development of Lao PDR and improving the wellbeing of its people