Bank Keshavarzi (Agricultural Bank of Iran)

As a brief introduction, Bank Keshavarzi (Agricultural Bank), the first agricultural  finance institution of Iran, was established in 1933. The institution, decades later,  called The Agricultural Cooperative Bank of Iran (ACBI), gradually grew providing  funds for small and medium-scale agricultural activities in villages nationwide. 

Additionally, the Agricultural Development Bank of Iran (ACBI) was founded in 1969 in  order to finance the large-scale development projects in the agricultural sector. The  two afore-mentioned banks were later merged to form “Bank Keshavarzi in 1980.  Having access to specialized human resources and experience of the above two  organizations gained during several decades of granting credit facilities to small and  large projects, the bank was provided with new possibilities to render quality banking  services to the rural population and the agriculture sector of the country. 

Nowadays, Bank Keshavarzi with 90 years of experience is now considered a pioneer specialized as well as commercial bank in offering variety of local and international banking services to its clients in different industries, especially agriculture related  sector, through its 1914 branches, including 761 rural and 1153 urban branches. 

For the past decade, the bank has been successful in meeting its objectives, especially  financing the agricultural sector through active participation in monetary and  financial markets and relying on adequate resources mobilization. 

Being connected to swift financial messaging system and through cooperation with professional counterparties, Bank Keshavarzi has been conducting humanitarian  transactions with correspondent banks across the world.  

Moreover, Bank Keshavarzi is eager to keep and expand collaborative relations with  prominent international organization in order to contribute to the development of  Iranian economy in line with global purpose of sustainable development.

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