APRACA Newsletter Vol. 2 Issue 4

  • 22/11/2017
APRACA Newsletter Vol. 2 Issue 4
  • The 66th APRACA Executive Committee meeting held in Babolsar, IR Iran
  • Activities of APRACA Secretariat
    – Policy forum on Women Empowerment
    – APRACA Officials Visited GIZ project Office
    – Federal Cooperative Agency, Ethiopia Visited Thailand
    – AFI Officer visits APRACA for Possible Collaborative Partnership
  • Activities of IFAD Grant Projects
    FinServAccess Project

    – Green Finance takes centerstage in APRACA’s Program
    – FI key officer and trainers capacitated on AVCF for Sustainability
    – FSAP undergoes performance evaluation and supervision

    RuFBeP Project

    – Phase-2 of RuFBeP Project : Pilot testing of Rural Finance products and services

  • APRACA in News
    Asia-Pacific Rural Finance and Community Development Conference