APRACA Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 2

  • 25/11/2017
APRACA Newsletter Vol. 3 Issue 2
  • Rura l Finance Best Practices

    – Philippines Rural Finance Best Practices discussed in IFAD-RuFBeP and ACPC Forum 

  • Activities of IFAD Grant Project “FinServAccess Project”  

    – APRACA-FSAP Supports CMA Human Resource Capacity Development Plan
    – FinServAccess Project concludes to sustain financial strategies and practices application
    – APRACA-FSAP supports the Academic and Research Institution RDE Programmes
    – FSAP developed evolving financial replication framework to strengthen keyplayers’ capacities 

  • Activities of IFAD Grant RuFBeP Project

    – Phase-2 of RuFBeP Project: Pilot testing of Rural Finance Products and Services – Policy Forum in Indonesi

  • Knowledge Series 2 : State of Rural and Agricultural Finance including Best Practices and recent innovations in the sector : Asia-Pacific Perspective