APRACA Secretary General visited Japan to promote mutual cooperation

APRACA Secretary General visited Japan to promote mutual cooperation

Recently we had the special honor of officially welcoming eight new APRACA members consisting of (1) BRAC Bangladesh, (2) Microcredit Regulatory

It was a fruitful official travel for Mr. Won-Sik Noh, APRACA Secretary General to visit Japan last 17-19 April. The meeting with Mr. Wataru Miyasaka, Senior Managing Director and Mr. Yasushi Yamazaki, Executive Director of the Japan Finance Corporation (JFC) strengthened APRACA’s existing partnership with the organization.

The partnership focused on mutual cooperation through support activities in the form of professional and technical expertise sharing including financial knowledge sharing. This agreed activity supports APRACA’s newest project on accessing financial services for poor rural people and communities.

In addition, Mr. Noh visited Japan’s Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Credit Foundation (AFFCF) where he met with Mr. Yoshio Tsutsumi, the President and also visited the Norinchukin Bank, the central bank of Japan agricultural cooperatives, and had a meeting with Mr. Masataka Miyazano, the Deputy President. At the meetings with the organizations, he introduced the 2013 annual activity plan of APRACA and proposed to enhance mutual financial cooperation and intensify partnerships.

The institutional visits at JFC, AFFCF and Norinchukin Bank posted positive responses as the officials assured APRACA their commitment in making their institutions more visible in programs and activities focusing on agricultural and rural development (MUAquino).

Mr. Won Sik Noh (right) and Mr. Yoshio Tsutsumi (left) of Agricultural, Forestry and Fisheries Credit Foundation posed after their meeting on 17 April 2013

Mr. Won Sik Noh ( center), Mr. Wataru Miyasaka (left) and Mr. Yasushi Yamazaki (right) of Japan Finance Corporation posed after their meeting on 19 April 2013


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