BAAC Model Learning Center for Sufficiency Economy Development

BAAC Model Learning Center for Sufficiency Economy Development

Under the supervision report of the National Assembly of Vietnam, among three households escaped from poverty there is one household falling again into poverty.

1. Background
Results from developing country by focusing on industrialization can cause both positive and negative changes to economic, politic, culture, social and environment. The obvious positive effects are ranging from high figures of economic growth, material progress, public utilities, transportation, modern communication systems and education. On the other hand, there are several negative sides such as degradation of natural resources, decline of relationship among families, rise of consumerism culture which forces people to spend more income than they can earn, and etc. For agricultural sector, there is a transformation of crop production from growing for consume within the household to growing mono crop for sale to serve capitalism system. This has forced farmers to use fertilizers and pesticides to increase their productivity. This causes not only higher production costs but also impacts on environment. Meanwhile a large supply of production makes farmers unable to control its price as it would fluctuate according to the market conditions. Sometimes those productions are not even worth the cost.

The changing social context has made the BAAC to reconsider about its previous path of the operation and realized that providing only financial supportcannot help its almost7 million household of farmer clients to achieve sustainable development. However, providing financial services along with knowledge in production, processing, marketing, as well as career development and environment care will truly and sustainably strengthen its farmer clients.


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