CFPA Microfinance Newsletter (No.12)

  • 03/01/2018
CFPA Microfinance Newsletter (No.12)


Study Tour to the Philippines  

On Dec.3, a CFPAMF delegation, consisting of 17 persons from IT, HR, Public Affairs, Internal Auditing, Legal Affairs, Regional Branches, and Cooperation&Exchange Center, concluded an 8-day business visit to the Philippines. During this impressive study tour, the delegation held fruitful meetings with CARD BANK, Mynt, Software Group, ADB, RIMANSI Organization for Asia & the Pacific to learn best practices and exchange experiences on micro-credit performance, mobile payment, FinTech applied in microfinance, microinsurance etc.

It is worth mentioning that CFPAMF delegation respectively paid courtesy calls on Mr. Wencai Zhang, Vice-President of ADB, and Mr.Zhijun Cheng, Executive Director for PRC, ADB. In fact, to CFPAMF staffs, this is not first time to join in overseas study tour. We have organized series of study tours to Bangladesh, Cambodia etc. in the past few years. Overseas study tour, as a part of our corporate philosophy, is regarded as the Fifth Discipline of CFPAMF, and plays an important role in improving business performance, enhancing competitiveness and promoting capacity building of work-team.  

CFPAMF delegation visited CARD BANK to participate in center meeting, to view loan disbursement activity and to learn a whole picture of microfinance in the Philippines .

CFPAMF delegation had a meeting with Director Ying Qian and Mr. Giannetto, East Asia Department of ADB, on project cooperation between CFPAMF and ADB, and Micro-credit policy in China as well.  


Managers from fuse lending of Mynt introduced Mynt, a top digital finance company in the Philippines, and its business to CFPAMF delegation.


The country manager of Software Group which is a global technology company that is specialized in delivery channel and integration solutions for institutions that provide financial services, briefed FinTech Solution applied in microfinance in the Philippines.  


China Global Philanthropy Institute Launched A Research Report upon Microfinance  

Global Philanthropy Financial Forum ( Forum) held on Dec.3 in Shenzhen, China. At a Forum side conference, a project team from Social Finance and Innovation Center of China Global Philanthropy Institute launched a research report upon Microfinance Rooted in the Countryside and Serving Low Income Rural Households ——A Case Study on CFPAMicrofinance’s Microcredit Services. This report finds that: CFPAMF adopts a market-based operating model; the financial service CFPAMF provides has a clear focus on poverty alleviation; and CFPAMF strives to strike a balance between realizing social goals and achieving financial sustainability.

From a holistic perspective of global social finance development, this report points out that social microcredit is regarded as the most developed area. Social microcredit institutions are also an increasingly frequent target of social impact investing. After 40 years of development, the business model of modern social microcredit has matured with its unique loan methods, fundraising channels, risk management and performance management measures. By studying CFPAMF, one of the most successful lenders of social microcredit in China, this report helps to discover the role of social microcredit institutions in the social microfinance ecosystem, and their commercial as well as social values.  

Click static/upfile/ 201711281345171986.pdf to read more. (Some contents are quoted from the abstract of this report)

Inside CFPA Microfinance

Head of China Micro-credit Companies Association Visited CFPAMF  

Mr. Weiguo Xiang, president of China Micro-credit Companies Association ( CMCA), visited CFPAMF with his staffs on Nov.22. Mr. Dongwen Liu, general manager of CFPAMF, introduced CFPAMF business performance and development to CMCA delegation during a bilateral meeting. Mr. Xiang had high hope for what CFPAMF is doing and will do, and spoke highly of CFPAMF fortunes such as corporate philosophy, business mindset, FinTech innovation, efficient management and dedicated work-team.  

A Tale of Two Cities


On Nov.18,2017, the day of 10th anniversary of CFPAMF, the second headquarter office of CFPAMF was opening in Xincheng Innovation Park of Changsha, a key metropolitan in south China.  Changsha headquarter office is about 5000 square meters with fashion and human-friendly design. CFPAMF set up twin headquarter offices including Beijing and Changsha to reduce operational cost, improve efficiency and expand micro credit business in south China. The main functions of Changsha office include IT Center, HR, Risk Control and Financial Management.   Website: