Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women

  • 25/11/2019
Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women

Believing in the inner power of women, Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women has been working in the field of NGOs of Bangladesh since 27 years. Shakti’s main niche is to empower disadvantaged women by providing them microcredit loans, health loans, agricultural loans, and so on. Shakti solely believes that socio-economic empowerment can bring the real freedom in the lives of disadvantaged women in Bangladesh and thus, since its inception, Shakti is working on this cause by heart and soul. According to the World Bank collection of development indicators in 2016, Bangladesh has 49.56% women in its population. Moreover, it is almost impossible to make progress in every sector of the country without the contribution of this large number of population who are women. Shakti knew it from the beginning and started to help women by its “power” and after 27 years, Shakti’s women are now empowering Shakti in the same way. 

Shakti inaugurated its mission with Urban Microfinance Program and strategically, expanded its service network to reach remote rural areas. It has widened its range of development services including basic Health Care and Education, Agro Business, Solar and Enrich Program, SME, Shakti Pharma, Women Empowerment Program, Skills Training, and Advocacy. Established in 1992, Shakti now serves 4,59,149 members within 54 districts of Bangladesh. Shakti Foundation is registered with the NGO Affairs Bureau Bangladesh under The Foreign Donations Regulations rules 1978 and the Register of Joint Stock Company Ltd. under the Society Act 1860. It has also received certifications through the Microcredit Regulatory Authority Act in 2007 to run its Microcredit Program. 

Started at a one room office in Shantinagar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Shakti now has its own head office, “Shakti Bhaban” in Mirpur 11, Dhaka, Bangladesh and 412 branches all over Bangladesh. It covers both rural and urban areas through its programs in Microfinance, Agro, Health, SME, Solar, and Enrich Program. Shakti programs are designed to complement each other with an integrative approach to women’s socio-economic development. The Microfinance, SME, and Agro programs provide women with opportunities for income generating activities and enterprise development, and the Social programs focus on women’s health, women’s rights, financial literacy and control over their businesses.


Shakti Foundation for Disadvantaged Women is dedicated to the empowerment of poor women by creating strong economic and social resource bases.

We believe women are entrepreneurs, change makers, and leaders. 

Key Objectives of Shakti Foundation:

  • The empowerment of disadvantaged women by facilitating socio-economic independence.
  • The social advancement of women through their leadership and capability development.
  • The development of women as entrepreneurs, decision makers, leaders, and change agents in their families and communities.
  • Integration of women in the decision making process of Shakti Foundation.

Shakti Programs:

  • Microfinance Program
  • SME Program
  • Agro Program
  • Health Program
  • Solar Program
  • Enrich Program
  • Shakti Pharma

Shakti Website :