APRACA Newsletter Vol.7 issue 4

  • 01/02/2021
APRACA Newsletter Vol.7 issue 4
  • From the Desk of Secretary Genera l: The Year 2020: Cha llenges vis-à-vis Responses
  • APRACA unveils the FINSMART series of Webinars to continue the knowledge exchange events for member institutions
  • Activities of APRACA Secretariat

    –  APRACA Secretary General meet with representatives from Numer8 and AquaConnect to discuss possible partnership to improve flow of finance to small scale fishers on 6 and 7 October, 2020

    –  APRACA organized meeting with the FAO team and ACPC, Philippines to discuss establishment of a national level SSF network in Philippines

    –  APRACA SG participated on the panel discussions on ‘Digital Technology as an enabler to strategic innovations in Agri-SME finance’ during the 4th Annual Plenary Meeting of SAFIN

    –  Secretary General was invited by IFAD to join the preparatory meeting with the Public Development Banks (PDBs) to finalize the common vision and common action to be pitched during ‘ Finance in Common’ summit

    –  APRACA joined the meeting with the Public Development Banks during ‘Finance in Common’ summit organized by IFAD and Government of France

    –  APRACA Secretary General was invited by Mekong Institute to deliver lecture on ‘Microfinance for SME Development’ on 5 November 2020

    –  APRACA Webinar on ‘Agricultural Value Chain Finance: A paradigm shift in financial services delivery’ organized under FINSMART event

    –  Secretary General of APRACA was invited by North Luzon Quadrangle Education, Research and Development Consortium, Philippines to deliver lecture on ‘Influences of Rural and Agricultural finance for Sustainable Community Development’

    –  APRACA Webinar on ‘Post-COVID19 financing strategies to smallholder and rural clients’ organized under FINSMART event on 19 November 2020

    –  APRACA and Global Agribusiness Alliance (GAA) exploring the possibilities of partnership to leverage the e-platform to access the global fund for the agribusiness companies in the region

    –  APRACA Webinar on ‘Financial Services to small and medium agro-enterprises (SMAEs): Experiences from Asia’ organized under FINSMART event on 26 November 2020

    –  APRACA Webinar on ‘Financial Services to small-scale fishers and their cooperatives’ organized under FINSMART event on 9 December 2020

    –  APRACA Webinar on ‘Green and Climate Finance to Agriculture and Allied Sector’ organized under FINSMART event on 17 December 2020